Overview Of Utien Pack MAP Thermoformer

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The modified atmosphere packages otherwise known as MAP is advancing and redefining the packaging industry. Utien Pack MAP thermoformer is one of our latest products for packing products of different sizes and shapes.


Interestingly, the higher the technology of the machine, the more important the quality control. With our high level of expertise and continuous dedication to excellence, the quality of our thermoformers are far over standard.


Utien Pack MAP thermoformer is carefully and specially designed with special features using our state-of-art technology. It is the leading and one of the most suitable products for the current trend in the packaging industry.


Our Standard In Quality Manufacturing

Generally, the primary role of MAP is to create and maintain an atmosphere that is deficient in oxygen. In line with this standard, our machine is well-designed with key features that check these requirements.


From the experts, our machine has the capacity of the following in-line testing result: oxygen residual less than 1% and atmosphere modified accuracy 99.9%. With this fantastic result, your products are protected with all its nutrient and freshness.

Our Standard In Quality Manufacturing 

The machine certifies the shelf life of the packaging product. MAP thermoformer reduces losses that may result from respiration metabolism. This is by creating a favorable surrounding that slows down respiration.


What Make This Product Fantastic

There is a high need for a device capable of giving an accurate value of residual oxygen and atmosphere modified accuracy. The residual oxygen level determines how the packaging product is deficient in oxygen, the major cause of respiration.


Utien MAP thermoformer with residual oxygen of less than 1% and atmosphere modified accuracy of  99.9% can create an enabling environment that slows down the oxidation process.

Our Standard In Quality Manufacturing 

The well-being and health of consumers are duly considered to ensure an adverse effect from the preservation technique. The oxygen content is analyzed without any damage to the packaging products.


It is suitable for a wide range of applications due to its high automation, reduced labor costs, hygienic level, and efficiency. Chemical industries, food processing sectors, and medical industries can make use of this product.


There is high safety of the package as it meets the required standard for human health. The attractiveness and quality of the products are intact as the package undergoes removal of oxygen to lower residual oxygen level and high atmosphere modified accuracy.

 Modified Atmosphere Packaging Thermofomer

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When using the right machine for packaging, quality is assured. With the increasing regulation and advancement in technology, you need to invest in quality MAP thermoformer that meets the required standard.


Meeting a reliable and experienced manufacturer like us is very essential. As a key player in the industry, we are dedicated to excellent service delivery. We understand the trend and what is suitable for your company.


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