How Does A Chamber Vacuum Sealer Work?

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people are often confused about the way a vacuum chamber machine works. What actually is happening inside of the chamber is not what you experience in front of your eyes. The air has been pumped out of the chamber and the vacuum bag long before you see the product being compressed! Very often a vacuum chamber machine is used to vacuum pack food products. But non-food products can also be vacuum packed!


The vacuum packaging cycle has 3 main steps.


Vacuum extraction

Put your product in a vacuum bag and position the end of the bag on the seal bar. If your product is not high, use the insert plates for the correct positioning of the bag on the seal bar and a faster vacuum cycle. When you close the lid of the machine, the pump starts to extract the air out of the vacuum chamber. The whole chamber will get under vacuum, so the pressure inside the vacuum bag and inside the chamber is equal. Visually nothing happens yet! We offer different systems to control the vacuum percentage that you need for your specific product.


Sealing of the vacuum bag

During this step you can see that the sealing bar and the contra bar are being closed. When they are closed the sealing wires are being heated to melt the layers of the bag together. After a couple of seconds, the bars reopen again. Multiple seal configurations are possible for different sizes and kinds of bags. Cut-off seal and wide seal are free options on our vacuum packaging machines.

 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Aeration of the chamber

The last step is the decompression of the vacuum chamber. You can use soft air for a slow decompression of fragile or sharp products. Finally you can see the vacuum by your eyes as the pressure in the chamber and inside the bag is different!


Utien DZ-500/2S Commercial Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Double chamber vacuum sealer is an ideal solution for companies who want to boost their packaging operations without sacrificing floor space. With four sealing bars and two sealing chambers, this product will quickly package small, medium and large size products and immensely increase shipping efficiency in shorter time.

Our double chamber vacuum packaging machine features 304 stainless steel construction with two 20-inch seal bar located in each chamber provides the option of sealing four large chamber pouches at once or doubling up of smaller bags for maximum efficiency. A powerful commercial-grade, 1.55 hp oil pump delivers a quick and quality vacuum in 20-30 seconds. Smooth-rolling caster wheels allow the vacuum packer to be moved easily for cleaning or maintenance.

It's easy for you to set the vacuum, seal, and cool time with the control panel. Bag locks on the seal bar gasket reduce bag movement during busy production cycles. The Utien double chamber vacuum packaging machine is perfect for small-medium volume processors to pack meat, sauce, flavouring, dry fruits and bean products. It's also a solution for large catering companies and hotels that need to package large quantities of food for events.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Basic Features of Utien Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


ü double chamber


ü four seal bar with double wire


ü stainless steel construction


ü automatic control system (PLC)


ü rear panel


ü heavy-duty wheels


In the end

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