How Long Can Vacuum-Packaged Food Be Kept?

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Vacuum sealing helps to extend the number of days or months you can keep packaged food. It is important and good if you can keep some possessed food for some times.


When vacuum package or sealers are used it removes air from the food, preventing bacteria and mold from entering or growing in the food. Also, food packaging with a vacuum packaging machine can be stored in the freezer, cupboards, and refrigerator for some time.


The vacuum packaged cooked food can be preserved for some time because of its good preservation effect. The food can be kept for at least half a month, but it can only be stored for a week maximum vacuum. The premise is that you need a refrigerator or freezer to store food.


Raw or fresh food material such as ham, bacon and sausage, can be stored in the refrigerator or freezing environment for a year long.

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Vacuum package food separates bacteria in the air, and the freshness of the food is still maintained after being packaged. But when the food is not properly sealed or there is a leak the food can spoil easily because air and bacterial will enter it.  


Once you have kept the food for a longer time and you decided to eat the packaged cooked food, if it does not bring any funny smell or white mold-like mucus it can be eaten directly. However, once it brings out a bad smell and there are mold spots on it, it can't be eaten.


Choosing to buy a vacuum packaging machine from a reliable and professional manufacturer can help you better extend the life of your food.

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Storage timing for food packaging with a vacuum sealer and food stored without a vacuum sealer

When you purchased some food items for your family, you want to preserve them and retain the taste. When you store food in a cool environment, freezer, or fridge, it helps you to retain the taste of the food. When the food is vacuumed intact, I has a longer shelf life.

Food Items

Normal packaging

Vacuum packaged


2-3 months

6-12 months


2-3 days

7-8 days


2-3 months

12 months

Raw rice/pasta

5-6 months

12 months


6-8 months

2 years


6-8 months

1-2 years

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