How to Choose and Keep Meat Fresh

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Nowadays, there is no shortage of meat supplies in our lives. On the contrary, it is often difficult for us to distinguish good meat. However, you must first understand the meat. Generally speaking, meat is composed of water, fat, protein, minerals and a small amount of carbohydrate. Among them, the most nutritious and the most prone to spoilage is protein. This article lists some suggestions for choosing and keeping fresh meat.

How to Choose and Keep Fresh Meat

How to choose

1. Color

The color change of meat usually undergoes the following process: bright red—dark red—reddish brown—green. Therefore, bright red flesh has always been the first choice of consumers. The red pigment that can provide a unique color for meat is called myoglobin, which transports oxygen and acts as an oxygen reservoir for muscle cells. Once myoglobin is damaged, it will affect the nutrition and taste of the meat.

2. Moisture

Myoglobin can attract many water molecules to its surface, so the meat looks very plump and elastic. When the activity of myoglobin decreases, the water absorption of the meat will decrease too. So the appearance of the meat will also be dry and dull, which is not good for us to choose.

3. Storage and transportation environment

The environment with the cold chain, a low temperature of 0-4 degrees can greatly inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and make the meat more delicious and lasting. 


How to keep

Currently, the most common materials used in food packaging are glass, metal (such as aluminum), plastic (including polyolefin, polystyrene, laminate and co-extruded film), paper and cardboard. Plastic packaging is very popular in meat packaging due to its high strength, good transparency and good resistance to water and gas molecules.

For the characteristics of fresh meat, Utien uses modified atmosphere packaging to keep meat fresh. Without using additives and preservatives, we can maintain the freshness of the meat and extend the shelf life by 2 to 3 times compared to ordinary packaging.

How to keep

First of all, Utien have realized the online forming of packaging boxes, and can design packaging boxes of different shapes and capacities according to customer needs. Filling starts immediately after the packaging box is formed, which is more hygienic, convenient and economical than traditional prefabricated box packaging. After putting the meat in the packaging box, the gas displacement starts immediately. We first vacuum the whole box, and then fill it with clean preservation gas. According to different meats, we will charge different ratios of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Carbon dioxide can inhibit the reproduction of aerobic bacteria, and nitrogen can be used as a filling gas to maintain gas balance. For red meat such as pork and beef, it needs to be filled with 60%-80% oxygen to maintain the activity of myoglobin and to keep the bright color of meat. The entire packaging process realizes digital control, visual control, and high-precision operation. In addition, we also provide online coding, online labeling, metal detection and other functions to help you design the entire automated packaging line.

Utien machine

utien machine


In conclusion, if you want to choose fresh meat, you can consider the factors of color, moisture and storage and transportation environment. However, Utien specializes in meat vacuum thermoforming pacakaging machines for more than 20 years. With high-quality equipment performance and good customer reputation, we have been favored by domestic and foreign customers. We believe that Utien is a good choice for your meat packaging.


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