What Vacuum Packaging Can Bring You?

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With the rapid development of the economy and the increasing homogeneity of products, product packaging has become more important in sales to attract more customers. DuPont's law states that approximately 63% of consumers make their purchase decisions based on the packaging of the product. What's more, we are in an era that is led by Attention Economy. Only by attracting the attention of consumers can brands and products be accepted by the public. An experienced distributor can predict the market feedback of a new launch according to its package. However, vacuum packaging has a far promising future as a new packaging form.

Benefits_of Packaging

Benefit 1: Sales Strength

Generally, customers spend a very short time on each product when purchasing products nowadays. Therefore, whether it can arouse customers' desire to purchase is largely due to the packaging of the product. The packaging of the product shows the sales strength of the product and it plays a role in attracting consumers. For example, cooked foods such as duck necks were sold in bulk in the early days, but nowadays, box type vacuum packaging is used instead. And as a result, cooked food sells better than before which presents the importance of package in sales.


Benefit 2: Brand Strength

The 21st century is an era of brand consumption. When customers purchase goods, they are no longer only to meet their material needs, but pay more attention to whether the goods can bring them personal and spiritual satisfaction. This can be precisely satisfied by packaging. Nowadays, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, not only in the rigid aspects of technology, product quality, and price, but also in the soft aspects such as brand image and product packaging. An excellent packaging is very helpful for you to win in the soft competition.


What Utien Can Provide You——Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

· Construction

Double Vacuum Chamber

304 stainless steel

two 20-inch seal bar located in each chamber

automatic control system (PLC)

rear panel

Smooth-rolling caster wheels

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

· Control System

The vacuum and package sealing is finished automatically. Parameter of sealing and vacuum can be adjusted accurately. A powerful commercial-grade, 1.55 hp oil pump delivers a quick and quality vacuum in 20-30 seconds.


· Application

The Utien double chamber vacuum packaging machine is perfect for small-medium volume processors needing to package large size products like meat, sauce, flavouring, dry fruits and bean products. It's also a solution for large catering companies and hotels who need to package large quantities of food for events.




In conclusion, packaging is one of the main factors affecting customers' purchase decisions and vacuum packaging is one of the most popular packagings in recent years. So vacuum packaging machines have huge market potential. The compact vacuum packer is convenient to carry and transport, as well as to save logistics cost. The excellent packaging form can also play a role in dustproof, shockproof and moistureproof. If you are looking for a reliable merchandise of vacuum packaging machines, please contact us now. Utien-Packing is always your trustworthy partner!


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