How To Choose The Right Packaging Machine For Your Business,FFS or Tray Seal?

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The right packaging equipment for a company will be determined by many varied elements including: the size of the food processing and packaging company, their budget, the performance output needed, future growth expectations and type of product to be packaged.

All these factors must be taken into consideration to make the right decision. The number and variety of equipment on the market makes the decision making process a complex one and a wrong decision can be very costly.

For example, a meat packaging company must decide whether to purchase FFS or tray sealing packaging equipment.

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The difference between FFS and Tray seal packaging

FFS stands for Form,Fill, Seal packaging and uses rolls of film that are formed with the use of heat into pouches or containers. The pouch is then filled with the food item and then heat is used to cover and seal film to the top of the pouch. While tray sealing machine applies already bought trays that are filled with the food item.Film with the use of heat is then used to cover and seal the containers.

Which packaging system is better?

The right equipment for any company depends on the company and its requirements. So we need to make a match between the company's needs and the specifications of the packaging equipment.

To make that proper match one must first understand the differences between the two types packaging machines. Once that is clear, one will then be able to decide which equipment best satisfies the company's needs. Let me clarify the issue by mentioning the relative advantages of each type of system.

FFS or Form, Fill and Seal packaging machine provides the following advantages over Tray seal packaging:

1) More flexibility in package size and package shape.

2) Higher packaging

3) Lower package costs

While tray seal packaging equipment has the advantage of offering higher product protection due to the sturdier seal. Some will point out that they are also more leak proof.

They are both allow for MAP(modified atmosphere packaging) and VSP(vacuum skin packing), which are shared by both systems.

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Cooperate with us for your tray sealing machines

Choosing the right packaging machinery manufacturer is the first step in building a long-term partnership. Your packaging machinery manufacturer should understand your business and your plans for growth. They will help you choose between two machines with the similar function and similar performance and make recommendations that best fit your needs. If you have any need of tray sealers for your business, please turn to us for help.


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