How Food Packaging Can Fight COVID-19

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In December 2019, the sudden epidemic changed our life and eating habits. During the war fighting against COV-19, the food industry showed its magic power. Some launched marketing activities themed on fighting against COV-19, while some merchants changed the previous product packaging and used innovative packaging to meet the consumers’ needs during the special times.

In response to travel restrictions during the epidemic, ready-to-eat food and instant food have become the first choice for many consumers. Although the phenomenon of food hoarding will basically disappear after the epidemic. However, in the long term)trend of restaurant takeout and the surge in social activities in the post-epidemic period, ready-to-eat food packaging still plays an important role in our life).

Ready-to-eat food brings great convenience to people's lives. Big data shows that about 50% of consumers believe that food safety is the top requirement for ready-to-eat food packaging, followed by food storage and food information.


Food safety remains a top priority

Last year, in order to standardize the use and management of food and beverage takeaway seals,  Some provinces in China officially issued relevant regulations. All takeaway food are required to use "takeaway seals" in accordance with the standard.

"Takeout seal" is to ensure food safety in the delivery process of takeout. It is clearly stipulated in the regulations that packages with simple seals such as staples and transparent glue cannot be used as takeout seals.

The implementation of this regulation has driven more and more merchants to figure out how to better ensure food safety. In addition to paying attention to the processing and production of food, it is also a reliable method to achieve the purpose by improving food packaging.


How to improve food safety with packaging


Use preformed trays to pack ready-to-eat food

Ideal for tray packaging, the preformed tray packer is suitable for the production of Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Skin Packaging (VSP), which can be used to seal and pack by sealing the cover film onto the preformed trays, and meanwhile manufacturer's information is printed on the cover film. There are two types of the machine: semi-automatic tray sealer and automatic tray sealer, which are respectively suitable for small & medium-sized food manufacturers.

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Thermoforming packaging machine for packaging fast food

The thermoforming packaging machine is a more automated equipment. The characteristic of the machine is that it can use plastic films of thermoforming properties to automatically make trays through the equipment and then seal with the cover film after product filling. And it is also a automatic packaging machine which realizes MAP and VSP functions.


For different types of ready-to-eat food, preformed food and instant food, they need targeted packaging. The corresponding packaging should be designed according to the way of food consuming. Utien can provide professional packaging solutions for you. As an enterprise that independently develops and produces packaging machinery, Utien has been committed to developing safer preservation technologies. The preformed tray modified atmosphere packaging machine and fully automatic thermoforming packaging machine manufactured by Utien can better meet the packaging needs of food enterprises. Good packaging can help the food industry better fight COVID-19.


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