Rollstock or Pouches: Which Is Better for Your Product?

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Packaging experts around the globe are in agreement: the flexible packaging market is booming. 

Flexible packaging accounts for 19% of the overall packaging market and is expected to grow at a rate of 3.9% by 2023. Demand is driven by the packaging’s flexibility, ease of use, and how lightweight it is, as well as the rising popularity of ready-to-eat foods. 

Within this growing segment, the two most common types of flexible packaging are rollstock and pouch packaging. Rollstock is printed and laminated film on a roll which is used by rollstock packaging machine to form the package, fill it with product, and seal the bag. Preformed pouches, on the other hand, are just that: pouches are already formed, and are ready for filling and sealing by machine, or by hand.

If you’re trying to make a choice between the rollstock and pouch, continue reading.


The Role of Rollstock

Ideal for a wide variety of products, everything from packaged snacks to medical products, rollstock is best suited for brands looking to create pillow pouches, packets, sachets and lay flat pouches using their own pouch-making equipment.

As you consider which packaging style to use, know that with rollstock you’ll need access to roll stock machine, whether you purchase your own equipment or work with a co-packer. 

In general, for projects requiring high speeds, high output and long runs, running rollstock on an rollstock packaging machine is best, and is capable of producing more packages per minute than filling preformed pouches.

roll stock packaging

The Role of Preformed Pouches

Ideal for a wide range of products and markets including solids, powders, and liquids, stand up pouches and lay flat pouches offer consumer convenience, are environmentally friendly, and work to extend the shelf life of many products.

With preformed or finished pouches, you eliminate the need for rollstock packaging machine as these are fully-formed and fillable pouches manufactured by flexible packaging converters. If you don’t have rollstock packaging machine, or access to one, buying preformed pouches may be the best choice for you.


Things to Consider When Choosing Your Packaging 

Looking at the two packaging options, you’ll really need to consider the product you’ll be packaging. Will your product do better in a sleeve, a bag, a stand up pouch, or a lay flat pouch? 

For example, many candy items, baked goods, protein bars, and many other small, single-serve packaged snacks do well with rollstock. But many premium snacks, pet foods, and even dairy perform well in preformed pouches.

As you make your decision of choosing rollstock or preformed pouches, keep in mind that there is no single correct answer). Consider the product you’re packaging, the presentation you’re going for, the equipment you have access to, and the equipment investment you want to make. And then, be sure to work with the best packaging partner that can cater to your needs and help you get to market fast.


Choosing a Packaging Partner

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