Important Parts To Keep Compress Packaging Machine Functioning Better

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Many industries such as the mattress and pillow industry have so much dependence on the compress packaging machine. With so much role, which this single piece of equipment has to play to the overall economic returns of this industries, it worth giving it all it takes to ensure that the machine works optimally at every time.


Sure, no one wants to have a record of production downtime as a result of the breakdown of an equipment or a piece of machine. For this reason, many organization gives routine maintenance and checks of their equipment to ensure that everything is in perfect shape at all times.


Besides carrying out routine maintenance and checks, a lot of industries using the compress packaging machine also go the extra mile to ensure that they have the most common spare parts handy in the store for emergency purposes. Yes, this is very important because maintenance can be scheduled but emergency comes unannounced.


So, in case you own a compress packaging machine or you are considering to invest in one, and then you are also thinking of what could be the common spare parts to purchase alongside your equipment. Here are a few of them you will find useful.


Well, although these may not be the only spare parts you should keep, but these are among the “hot-cakes”, especially if you want to have the best from your compress packaging machine.


Heating element

It’s one of the most common wearable part for the Pillow compress packer. Usually, the width of the healing wire is 10mm. As a heat transformer, it’s applied to heat and melt the bag material and then the sealing finishes. If it gets worn out, then the sealing work fails.

 compress packaging machine

Air switch

To many people, this is one of the most important components or spare parts of a compress packaging machine since it serves as a form of a circuit breaker for every single seal bar within the machine. With this, the seal bars will be prevented from overheating by cutting off power from reaching them. If this is not done, it may result to a possible damage to the seal bars.

Interestingly, a compress packaging machine has about 3 thermostat, and each working to protect each seal bar in the machine.


Teflon fabric

As a separation between the bag and the heating element, it’s crucial to protect the bag material from sticking to the heating elements after melted. As it’s often in high temperature during sealing process, it’s shelf life is limited. So it’s better to buy some as backup.

compress packaging machine 

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