Packaging Can Help To Save Food?

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We often use the "clear your plate campaign" method to promote the virtue of saving food, but have you ever thought that saving food can also start from the packaging?

First we need to understand how food is wasted?

Statistics show that among the world's 7 billion people, approximately 1 billion people are suffering hunger every day. Spoilage due to improper storage is the main reason why most food is wasted.

Lack of suitable packaging equipment, technology and packaging materials

In developing countries, food waste mostly occurs at the beginning of the value chain. Food is collected or processed without proper infrastructure and adequate transport and storage conditions, resulting in lack of packaging or poor packaging. The lack of suitable packaging equipment, technology and packaging materials results in food spoilage before reaching the consumers, ultimately leading to waste.

Food that is expired or does not meet standards will be discarded

For developed countries or some emerging countries, food waste occurs in the retail chain and the use of households. That is, when the shelf life of the food has expired, or the food no longer meets the standards, or the appearance of the food is no longer attractive, the food will be discarded.

Avoid food waste with packaging technology

In addition to protecting food through packaging materials, we can also use packaging technology to extend the shelf life of food and avoid food waste.

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging Technology (MAP)

MAP packaging technology has been widely used around the world for fresh food and protein-containing products, as well as bread and bakery products. Depending on the product, the gas inside the package is replaced with a specific proportion of the gas mixture, which maintains the shape, color, consistency and freshness of the product.

The shelf life of food can be extended without the use of preservatives or additives. Products can also be protected during transportation and storage and food losses due to mechanical effects such as extrusion will be reduced.

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Vacuum Skin Packaging Technology (VSP)

This is a packaging method with both good appearance and high quality. It is suitable for packaging all kinds of fresh meat, seafood products. With vacuum skin packaging, the skin film is just like the skin of the product, which tightly adheres to the surface and fixes on the tray. The vacuum skin packaging can greatly extend the shelf life of food.

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