Small Portion Packaging Leads The Trend Of Modern Life

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Small portion packaging

This is an era of rapid development. Science and technology are advancing every day. Social media accelerates the dissemination of information, and the network economy has raised the entire consumption to a new level. People's consumption concept has also changed, and food is the first expense of consumption. Modern people not only want to eat deliciously, but also eat healthily, conveniently and happily. How to meet the needs of people's taste buds to the greatest extent? Small portion packaging came into being.

Traditional food packaging is either bare packaging or big bag packaging. This seems to save packaging costs, but it actually results in greater food waste. Small portion packaging is based on the amount people can eat each time to directly design packaging, which greatly reduces food waste. Now, many snacks and beverages have begun to enter the field of small portion packaging. Why are small packaged foods so popular?

Small portion packaging

Small portion packaging keeps food fresh

In the processing center, the food goes through a series of deep processing directly from the raw materials, and finally enters the retail market in the form of small packages. The intermediate wholesale and repackaging process is cut off, manual contact and various exposures to external pollution are reduced, and the freshness and original taste of food is greatly guaranteed.

In order to keep the food fresh, vacuum packaging, modified atmosphere packaging and vacuum skin packaging are often used.

Vacuum packaging: remove the air in the food and prevent the reproduction of aerobic bacteria.

Modified atmosphere packaging: on the basis of vacuum, refill with protective gas. On the one hand, it can protect food from deformation due to collision and extrusion during long-distance transportation, and on the other hand, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria and maintain the moisture and chemical balance of the storage environment.

Vacuum skin packaging: presenting products in a three-dimensional way, enhances the display beauty of products, and greatly prolongs the preservation period, which is conducive to expanding the market.

Smaller portion packaging makes life healthier

Food can provide all kinds of water, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that our life needs. However, excessive food can also cause various diseases , such as hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Therefore, small packaged foods can help us to control our food intake to a certain extent and reduce excessive intake. Many ladies and fitness professionals also use small portions of food to lose excess fat and stay in shape.

Small portion packaging make life easier

Small portion food is very light and will not limited by time and occasion. They are very popular  in various occasions such as indoor office, business trip, friends gathering and so on.

Small portion packaging make life more fun

Food is not only used to satisfy appetite, but also to bring spiritual enjoyment. Eye-catching packaging can grab consumers' wallets at the first time, and even make them pay for it multiple times. Therefore, packaging design has also become the focus of heavy investment for major food merchants.

Small portion packaging

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