What to Consider When Purchasing a Vacuum Packaging Machine for Ready -to-Eat Dishes?

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We must be familiar with pre-made dishes. Pre-made dishes were originally designed for banquets or hotel special dishes that are complicated in the production process. The chefs use kitchen equipment to scientifically produce and pack the dishes while retaining the nutrition of them. The rapid freezing technology is adopted to preserve the freshness and original flavor of the dishes, eliminating the complicated production steps such as purchasing raw materials, picking, washing, and cutting, and simplifying the operation.

In recent years, due to the fast-paced life of people and the continuous improvement of the quality of life of urban white-collar workers, pre-made dishes have also entered the dining table of thousands of households. With the wide application of vacuum packaging machines, prefabricated dishes are also counted in the ranks of vacuum packaging. What should we pay attention to in the purchase of vacuum packaging machine for ready-to-eat dishes?

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Packaging form

At present, the prefabricated dishes vacuum packaging on the market are mainly in two forms. One is bagged packaging, another is boxed packaging. Ham, sauce packets, and rice noodles are usually bagged packaging. Such a form of packaging will generally apply automatic vacuum packaging machine. Others, like self-heating rice, self-heating hot pot, these products are usually dried and packed in the form of boxed packaging, which generally applies the MAP packaging machine.

Product status

The products like sauce packets with soup, generally apply vacuum packaging machine for product packaging. Bagging vacuum packaging machine can automatically fill soup. Food like ham meat generally use stretch film packaging machine for packaging.

Product capacity

For manufacturers, the product capacity is also the key to our purchase of equipment. For manufacturers with higher production capacity, they can choose a vacuum packaging machine with a higher degree of automation, which can not only save labor, facilitate management, but also achieve mass production. And for manufacturers in the initial stage or in the experimental stage, they can choose semi-automatic vacuum packaging machines, such as rolling packaging machines, double-chamber vacuum packaging machines, single-in and single-out modified atmosphere packaging machines, or double-in and double-out modified atmosphere packaging machines.

Utien packaging machine

With the continuous advancement of science and technology and people's increasing requirements for the quality of life, it is believed that more products will appear in our lives, and there will be more advanced equipment to meet the requirements of packaging. If you have any more questions about packaging machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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