Why Do You Need a Roll Stock Packaging Machine?

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There are many reasons why companies that use vacuum packaging as part of their process may choose to upgrade to roll stock thermoforming packaging machines. Three of the most important reasons are labor savings, material savings and the professional appearance this packaging provides. Let's go into more details below.

roll stock thermoforming packaging machines

Save labors

The cost of paying employees for work is on the rise globally. The rising rates make it imperative to automate as many tasks as possible, and automation of the vacuum packaging process is what vacuum roll stock machines are all about. These machines take a packaging process that requires two to three workers using other types of vacuum packaging machines and turn it into a process that requires only one employee to oversee the process and keep the line running smoothly.

Save materials

While most other methods of vacuum packaging food involve pre-made vacuum bags or pre-made tray roll machines, as the name implies, they use two rolls of flat film, which is one of the least expensive types of barrier materials used for vacuum packaging. The bottom layer of the film is the most common type of molded film, as it is used to form the bottom of the package. The other layer, the top layer, is the sealing layer. Using these flat film rolls helps minimize the cost per package compared to pre-made bags or trays.

Professional appearance

Roll stock packaging machines are used to package products offered by some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the food industry, so roll stock packaging has been recognized as a sign of quality and sophistication. Many smaller and lesser known companies want to convey a perception of quality and sophistication in their products,so they also use roll stock packaging, reflecting a professional packaging appearance.

 roll stock thermoforming packaging machines

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