Packaging Plays an Increasingly Important Role in Food Safety

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When it comes to food safety, the media, regulators, consumers, and industries tend to concentrate on the products instead of products’ package.


In fact,the act of packaging is an essential factor in food safety as it maintains the wholesomeness of food processing.It enables food products to be transported for a long distance and still be healthful at the time of ingestion.


As the globalization of food distribution networks is developing, packaging plays a crucial role in certifying the safety and secure consumption of final products.


The fast economic improvement has given rise to a swift upsurge of packaging need for various products, including medicine, fresh fruit vegetable, agricultural products,meat, etc


Still, packaging technology should balance food safety with other issues such as enhanced social and environmental awareness, material costs as well as stern bylaws on pollutants and the discarding of civic solid waste.


Food safety is a universal issue therefore, effective packaging format and technology will help to maintain food freshness and lengthen their shelf life.


Effective packaging also reduces untimely degeneration and waste.


Getting high-tech packaging equipment from vacuum skin packaging machine suppliers will help to maintain the quality of your products and extend their shelf life.

 vacuum skin packaging

As a manufacturer with 20 years of packaging machinery production experience, Utien Pack specilizes in the production of vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging machinery.


1. Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum packaging can efficiently and effectively restrict the growth of micro-organisms and also lengthen the shelf life of food products, especially fresh meat.


With the various oxygen penetrability, vacuum packaging has effects on TVB-N value (volatile base nitrogen), bacterial growth, TBARS value (fat oxidation value).


It also has effects on PH value, percentage of methemoglobin (metMb%), and sensory effects on fresh products.


2. Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The modified atmosphere packaging method can considerably lengthen the shelf life of cold fresh meat.


The increase in the content of carbon dioxide, the fresher the color of the meat whereas, the higher the oxygen content, the faster the procreation of aerobic microbes.


High oxygen content will also result in the deterioration of fresh meat and the shortening of their shelf life.


So, the modified atmosphere packaging machine can acquire the greatest effect of preservation due to its mixed gas packaging, which is aptly formulated in diverse proportions.


For instance, an 8 day matured fresh meat that has been under low-temperature conditions can undergo modified atmosphere packaging and the shelf life will be lengthened by 12 days.


Therefore, it can be said that modified atmosphere packaging helps to extend the longevity of food products.


Advantages of Food Packaging

o Preservation and Protection

o Traceability

o Control and Food Waste Reduction

o Convenience

o Tamper Indication

o Information and Marketing

o Carrier of Premiums


Do you want to ensure the safety of your food products?

To achieve this, you need to buy technological packaging equipment from a reputable vacuum skin packaging machine supplier, who also help maintain the quality of the food product and lengthen their shelf life.


Kindly contact us today for the best equipment that allows you to meet the high demand for packaged food products.


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