Historical Origin And Development of Thermoforming Packaging Machines

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Thermoforming is regarded as a long standing method that is employed in the manufacture of various plastic items for the preservation of food materials.


Major strides in the development of the thermoforming process took place around the 19th century where celluloid was discovered. Celluloid being a compound that is made up of camphor and nitrocellulose together with other dyes was then regarded as the top-rated thermoplastic packaging material.


In the year 1855, Alexander Parkes made the first bulk celluloid material that was used for the formation of various packaging material. Later in 1870, there were other progress and development done to the work of Alexander Parkes.


Some of such development was carried out by John Westley Hyatt and his engineering colleague – Charles Burroughs, whom the former is now regarded as the father of modern plastic packaging technology.


In their design and development of the thermoforming plastic materials, Burroughs and Hyatt used steel molds with steam under pressure to form shapes of different packaging materials.

 thermoforming packaging

Based on the works of Hyatt and Burroughs using celluloid, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) was later used as a cost-effective material for the manufacture of a thin sheet of plastic, which is now used in the packaging of frozen food materials.


With such a thin coating of the thermoformed plastics, it is believed that the freezing temperature from the refrigerator can easily penetrate and keep the uncooked food materials frozen for as long as they may be required.


In addition to the maintenance of food materials in a frozen state, thermoforming packaging also served as a good way of preserving the nutritional integrity of frozen food material for a long time without deteriorating.


Today, the thermoforming packaging machines industry has grown to a large extent with over a $5billion revenue generated annually from the sales of thermoformed plastics which are used in the packaging of frozen food materials.


And in recent time, the industry has been said to have grown so big that it is now being seen as the powerhouse that generates hundreds of millions of dollars to the American government as well as other nations of the world where thermoformed plastic materials are in high demand.


With this high demand for thermoformed packaging machines a lot of companies such as Utien Pack have emerged, and this company has remained faithful to the design and manufacture of high-quality thermoforming machines for decades.As an automatic packaging machine that can automatically form, fill, seal, and cut, and integrate multiple functions, our thermoforming packaging machine fully meets the packaging requirements of quick-frozen food.


The thermoforming packaging machines industry has been seen as an ever-growing industry partly due to the high versatility of the products produced from these machines.


Since my country's quick freezing industry started relatively late, the relative packaging industry is even more backward. Therefore, now, packaging machinery companies should focus on innovating technology, improve the automation level of equipment, and provide production companies with equipment that can ensure food safety to the maximum.


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