Safety Checks To Adopt In Using Thermoforming Machine In A Safer Way

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In food packaging industry, the thermoforming packaing machine is one of the most essential piece with wide application.


However, in the course of using this piece of equipment, some hazards are bound to occur due to unproper operation. Well, with the right safety tips and guides, such accidents and hazards can be averted.


Moreover, buying the machine from a trusted manufacurer like Utien will be helpful to reduces the hazards.


In this article, we shall be walking you through some common hazards and safety guides that will help you to have a safer working environment around the thermoforming packaging machine.

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Safety Check to Adopt in Using Thermoforming Machine in a Safer way

Due to damaged or inadequate guarding in thermoforming machines, about 50% of hazards occur. Similarly, about 25% of accidents in this machine is also attributed to interlocks that have not be fixed in the right way.


So, in order to avoid all of these and more, the following safety checks should be adopted to ensure the overall safety of both the machines as well as the operators of the thermoforming packaging machine.

1. Always ensure that all interlocked and fixed guards are secured and in place.


2. Avoid opening an interlocked area to prevent the exposure of dangerous parts


3. Never open or start dangerous parts while an interlocked part is still open


4. Always ensure that the heater goes back to its rear or rest position while an interlocked part is opened


5. For smaller machines that have two control buttons to work, always press the buttons down together to avoid a sudden change in the intended operation of the machine


Maintenance checks for thermoforming machines

These routine maintenance check to ensure that a safer operation of a thermoforming machine should always be carried out monthly. With this, it will be guaranteed that the machine’s parts are all intact and in the right state.

1. Always check to see if fixed guards are held in place using the right fastening material or tool.


2. Always check to ensure that interlocked devices are correctly aligned and in the right attachment to the guards.


3. Always carry out a visual check to ensure that the interlocked guards triggers the any sensor that is attached to a pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical component.


4. Always carry out a routine check to be sure that none of the interlocks or guards have been tampered with.


5. Always be sure that whenever the machine is turned off, devices at the edge of the guard are also turned off without any partial current flowing through them.


6. Always carry out a routine test to ensure that the emergency stop button puts all components of the machine off.


7. Always carry out a visual check to ensure that no electrical wire is exposed or damaged.


8. Always check to be sure that the temperature caution signs are in place and also that the heat insulator is working perfectly.


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