Post-pandemic Era: The Hit Packaging of Prepared Dishes

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In the post-epidemic era, the rise of new consumption and new business formats, and the accelerated integration of online and offline consumption scenarios all indicate that the consumer market is facing further upgrades.

Pre-made dishes packaging

Origin of pre-made dishes

Pre-made dishes originated in the 1960s in the United States, mainly for the B-side food supply business, providing fresh frozen meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, fruits and snacks to restaurants, hospitals, schools and other institutions.

Pre-made dishes packaging

In the 1980s, with the development of cold chain transportation in Japan and the popularization of refrigerators, the business of prepared dishes began to develop rapidly. Companies that take both B and C into consideration have been developed.

China's demand for pre-made dishes began in KFC, McDonald's and other fast food restaurants. And then clean vegetable processing and distribution industry emerged. After the year 2000, it expanded to meat, poultry and aquatic products, and semi-finished dishes appeared. Until the year 2020, when the epidemic restricted the travel of residents, pre-made dishes became a new option, and C-end consumption rose rapidly.

What are the pre-made dishes?

Prepared dishes include ready-to-eat food, ready-to-heat food, ready-to-cook food, and ready-to-serve food.

1. Ready-to-eat food refers to prefabricated prepared products that can be eaten directly after opening;

2. Ready-to-heat food refers to food that can be eaten only after heating;

3. Ready-to-cook food refers to the semi-finished food that has undergone relatively deep processing (cooked or fried), and is packaged in portions for refrigeration or stored at room temperature.

4. Ready-to-serve food refers to small pieces of meat, fresh and clean vegetables that have been preliminarily processed such as cleaning and cutting.

Pre-made dishes packaging

Advantages of pre-made dishes

For businesses:

1. Promote the standard modern production of food and catering enterprises

2. Promote enterprise innovation, form scale and industrialization

3. Save logistics costs

To consumers:

1. Save the time and energy cost of washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, and deep cooking

2. It can provide some dishes that are difficult to cook at home

3. Some ingredients in pre-made dishes will be cheaper than buying them separately

Pre-made dishes packaging

To quote from Fumi Sasada, a master of Japanese packaging design: The time for the product to come into view is only 0.2 seconds .If you want customers to stop, you must rely on eye-catching packaging. The same applies to the packaging of pre-made dishes. In the current environment of pre-made dishes, eye-catching packaging is a key to stand out from many of the same category.

Pre-made dishes packaging

Pre-made dishes packaging machines

The equipment used in the above packaging is mainly thermoforming packaging machine and prefabricated box packaging machine.

The thermoforming packaging machine has a high degree of automation, and the packaging is formed on production line. After placing the product in the packing area, it is automatically vacuumized to seal.

The prefabricated box packaging machine is to seal the ready boxes in the form of vacuum MAP or vacuum skin packaging.

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