Different Packaging Methods For Meat Preservation

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Meat is a valuable ingredient. Therefore, all parties involved in the process chain must treat this raw material with care.The product processing method is an important consideration. In addition, packaging is especially important as it helps to keep the product fresh and prolong the shelf life of the product, thereby reducing food waste. Which method or technique to use and which packaging is most suitable depends on the product.

Transport Packaging

Transport packaging is often used for larger cuts of meat in the B2B sector. These industrial packs protect wholesale meat from external influences and minimize meat from drying. For this reason, this type of packaging is often used to transport goods from producers or slaughterhouses to meat processing plants, sausage factories, wholesalers, butcher shops and restaurants.

For these large cuts, the optimal packaging is vacuum packaging or shrink wrap, which can be produced by chamber vacuum packers or conveyor belt vacuum packers of different levels. Which machine to choose depends on the products to be packaged, their respective sizes and weights, and the desired productivity and efficiency. In addition to bag packaging, other packaging solutions can also be used for packaging similar products,such as, thermoforming packaging technology.



meat packaging


Retail package

For retail packaging, marketing is also one of its goals. Because the packaging must be eye-catching and appealing to consumers when displayed for sale. The look, visibility of the product, labeling all present differentiating characteristics.

Influenced by the current discussions on the use of plastic packaging, the EU Plastics Strategy and current packaging laws have created a trend towards increased sustainability and environmental awareness. This trend directly affects production, design and packaging materials used. Therefore, only packaging materials necessary to protect the contents of the package should be used when packaging food. In addition, alternative solutions, especially paper-based packaging solutions, are becoming increasingly important for the meat industry. Because they help improve the recyclability of packaging.

According to the expectations of the sellers and consumers, retail packaging options range from thermoformed packs and trays to flexible packaging in a variety of different formats. For example, vacuum packaging, vacuum skin packaging or shrink wrapping. For different requirements, in addition to the already mentioned chamber vacuum packers and conveyor belt vacuum packers, there is also a range of suitable thermoforming packers and tray sealers available.

 meat packaging

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