The Difference Between Modified Atmosphere Packaging And Vacuum Packaging

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Modified atmosphere packaging

The principle of modified atmosphere packaging is to replace the air in the package with a special gas. Modified atmosphere packaging can use different gas ratios according to the type of food. The general gas is nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. According to the latest research, some gases such as argon and carbon monoxide can also be appropriately used as packaging gases. In short, modified atmosphere packaging is to prolong the preservation period of food as much as possible without affecting the taste, quality, color and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

Modified atmosphere packaging

Vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging is based on the principle of atmospheric pressure. The main function of vacuum packaging is to deoxygenate, so as to prevent mildew and deterioration. Vacuum packaging is to extract the oxygen in the packaging bag with an air extractor, so that the microorganisms lose their "living environment". After being packaged by the automatic vacuum packaging machine, the packaging volume can be reduced, which is also convenient for transportation and storage.

Both packaging modes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Features of vacuum packaging

Vacuum packaging needs to complete two actions, air extraction and sealing, which is mainly used in some snack foods. The specific features are as follows.

1. Isolate oxygen to avoid the reproduction and growth of aerobic bacteria.

2. When the food is continuously squeezed by atmospheric pressure, it is easy to deform and lose its original appearance, and the texture will become hard and lose its original natural crispness.

3. Vacuum packaging must be assisted by high-temperature sterilization to achieve the ideal shelf life. The secondary sterilization process often has a great impact on the quality of the food and the food loses the original taste.

4. The preservation period of vacuum packaging is longer than that of modified atmosphere. Generally, vacuum packaging is more than 1 month. 

Vacuum packaging

Features of modified atmosphere packaging 

Modified atmosphere packaging overcomes various shortcomings of vacuum packaging, such as extrusion deformation of food, decreased taste, and firmness of meat, but the shelf life cannot reach the storage time after high temperature sterilization. The specific features are as follows.

1. It is mainly used in some ready-to-eat foods, which have a short shelf life and are not easy to store for too long.

2. Isolate oxygen and avoid the reproduction and growth of aerobic bacteria.

3. Effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of anaerobic bacteria and facultative bacteria.

4. Modified atmosphere packaging products pay attention to the concept of fresh and ready-to-eat. Therefore, after the food is packed in modified atmosphere, it must be cold chained throughout the whole process, so that the food can be kept at a temperature of 0~4, while the temperature limit of vacuum packaging is not so high.

5. It does not affect the shape, color, moisture, taste and texture of food. Modified atmosphere packaging products do not carry out secondary sterilization treatment on food, so that the quality of food will be good, and modified atmosphere packaging will not squeeze the ingredients, so the biggest advantage is that it will not damage the fiber of the ingredients and the taste of the food.

6. Modified atmosphere packaging products are generally kept for about 10 to 15 days, and modified atmosphere packaging is mainly sold for fresh goods. 

modified atmosphere packaging


Vacuum packaging is a relatively traditional packaging method. With the improvement of people's living standards and the change of people's consumption from eating to eating well and eating healthy, vacuum packaging will be less and less, and replaced by modified atmosphere packaging. For more information about vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us


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