Why Vacuum Packaging Machines Vary In Prices?

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At present, the vacuum packaging machine is not only used in the food processing, but also widely used in the packaging hardware, electronics, medicine and other industries. Looking at the current vacuum packaging machine market, there are also differences in the price of various types of vacuum packaging machines.What are the factors that affect the price of vacuum packers?

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Different levels of automation of vacuum packaging machines

At present, there are two main types of vacuum packaging machines in the market, one is a semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine and the other is a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine. The semi-automatic vacuum packaging machine needs manual cooperation to complete the vacuuming action, such as conventional double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. The product needs to be packed into bags in advance manually, and then placed in the vacuum chamber in turn. The upper cover is manually pressed down, and the double-chamber vacuum packaging machine automatically complete the vacuum sealing. The automatic vacuum packaging machine is different, almost all packaging are automatically completed by the equipment. Therefore, the big difference between the price of vacuum packaging machines lies in the level of automation.

Different configurations of vacuum packaging machines

When we compare the price of vacuum packaging machines, there are differences in the price of vacuum packaging machines of similar models made by the same manufacturer. This is because of different configurations. We all know that a key core part of the machine is vacuum pump, and the vacuum pump is also divided into different models according to the pumping rate. For example,some vacuum pump has a pumping rate of 100 cubic meters per hour, while some has a pumping rate of 200 cubic meters per hour. Of course, the 200 vacuum pump has a higher pumping speed. So the prices of the vacuum packaging machine equipped with different vacuum pumps are also different.

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Different production process of the vacuum packaging machine

The price difference of vacuum packaging machines from different manufacturers is relatively large. For example, similar models, different manufacturers, and the same configuration, the price difference is also relatively large. This is due to the different production processes of the manufacturers. As for the conventional double-chamber vacuum packaging machine, there is a big difference between different manufacturers in terms of the upper cover of the equipment. Some manufacturers pay more attention to the quality of the equipment and will use one-time processing and casting. In the process of use, the upper cover will not be deformed or leaked due to long-term air extraction. But some manufacturers will save production costs in this regard, and use several plates for splicing and welding. In the long-term use process, it is inevitable that the solder joints will split, which will cause air leakage in the vacuum chamber. This is the main reason why some equipment have air leakage issue after a period of use.

We has made a specific analysis on the reasons for the price difference of vacuum packaging machines. In addition to the above-mentioned points, it is necessary to Investigate from all the aspects. Only in this way can the money be well spent for a satisfactory vacuum packer.For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. 


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