Semi-Automatic Tray Sealers: Types and Advantages

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Tray sealers are very popular in the food and beverage industry. It is also very much used in restaurants alike.


People are paying more attention to the sanitary condition of food and beverage. Therefore, storage, sealing and packaging are imperatives. To avoid food spoilage and contamination, it must be handled and sealed correctly.


Semi-automatic tray sealers are used to seal either fresh or processed food. It not only for sealing as it also has a vacuum option. They are efficient and environmentally friendly. They also help reduce wastage by reducing food spoilage in the industry.

 Semi-automatic tray sealer

It covers trays of varying depths and sizes and materials with a plastics film. It uses of a hematic seal in covering the trays which helps slow down spoilage and deterioration by slowing down aerobic bacteria’s action.


Sealing of food helps prevent tampering with the tray’s content but one needs not be bothered about dust and dirt when food is eventually stored.


It also helps reduce the risk of having the trays bring tampered with. As any form of tampering is usually visible and quick to catch the consumer’s attention.


There are also different types of films. Specialty films protect the trauma content from harmful ultraviolet rays and glass rays.


Advantages of using a semi-automatic tray sealer


● Extended shelf life

The shelf life of the content of trays is extended by a reasonable time. This is due to seal cutting off aerobic bacteria, which are responsible for spoilage. The content is also protected from external contamination, dust and microbes.


● Acts as a shield  from harmful rays

A special type of seals helps protect the trays content from harmful ultraviolet rays which are carcinogenic. It also protects the content from harmful glass rays.


● Food safety

There’s an improved food safety with the use of tray sealing machines. The use of heat sealing helps to prevent contamination from bacteria and protects the food. Its airtight packaging helps cut off any form of external contamination.


● Increased output

The high degree of automation. After setting the machine parameters, place the pallet with the product on the input conveyor belt. The equipment can automatically vacuum, skin-sealing, packaging and cover film punching, and finally output the product.


● Safe use

To ensure user’s personal safety, we have made some designs on the machine, such as many stainless steel protective covers, to prevent hands from touching moving parts.


Safety sensors are installed under each cover, inside the door and other detachable parts to ensure that the machine can automatically stop working when it is opened.

 Semi-automatic tray sealer

Types of sealers and sealing equipment



The whole machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment. It adopts combined mold, easy to replace, one machine with multiple functions, and the mold has a cooling water system.


Only high-quality packaging equipment can produce high-quality packaging, and high-quality packaging can improve user experience.


● Vacuum Skin Packaging

They are used mainly when it comes to packaging meat and food. This is because of its ability to create low oxygen levels, which reduces the rate of spoilage. They can be automatic, manual or semi-automatic. This is dependent on the actual requirement.


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