Solutions To Common Problems Of Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

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Ultrasonic tube sealer is recognized as an operating machine used for joining thermoplastic materials. It offers various advantages which include the previews reliability and repeatability. The energy usage is low compared to other joining techniques.

It also offers to reduce materials usage because there isn't need for any adhesive to be added and saves labor cost.

However, no matter which techniques or equipment you use for your process there are situations where problems of the operating machine will disrupt the production process.

Ultrasonic tube sealer 

The best method to resolve and avoid these problems is to know the source of the problem.

These problems usually occur in the following three aspects:

· Equipment:- ultrasonic tube sealer equipment

· Process parameters

· Materials used


· Ultrasonic tube sealer equipment

Firstly, the ultrasonic tube filler comprises various frequencies ranging from 20KHZ to 50KHz. However, the 20KHZ are mostly used because of its versatility, high power output up to 6000W, and high amplitude output with various usage to accommodate different available tooling sizes.

Moreover, during the joining process, some small and delicate parts for the equipment might stop working due to the aggressiveness of the power, amplitude capacity of the 20KHZ ultrasonic tube sealer which causes potential damage to the polymer.

The only way to resolve this is to reduce the amplitude input.

· The process parameters

Controlling and documentation of the parameter is an area that cannot be over-emphasized because different production components consist of various procedures and parameters in which the medical and automobile components producers follow strictly to achieve a better result from the ultrasonic tube sealing equipment.

However, component producers of other products such as disposable products or toys usually operate under lower requirements and the control process is weak.

Instances like this require operators to change or adjust the setting of the components because of the changing components or production conditions which result in a satisfactory result.

ultrasonic tube filler 

· Materials used

The issues concerning materials used usually occur from the production fluctuation or changes in materials. A small change in the variations of the materials destroys the production quality.

Change in polymer occurs due to economic instability and manufacturers might have to switch to the latest polymer materials.

It is very important to consult an ultrasonic sealer tube expert before making the change for materials.

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