The development prospect of vacuum packaging machine

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Vacuum packaging is also called decompression packaging, which is to extract all the air in the packaging container and seal it to maintain a high degree of pressure reduction in the bag. The scarcity of air is equivalent to low oxygen effect, so that microorganisms have no living conditions to achieve freshness.


Applications include vacuum packaging in plastic bags, aluminum foil packaging, glassware, plastic and its composite packaging, etc. Here we do a simple analysis of the future prospects of vacuum packaging technology.

vacuum packaging machines 


1. High efficiency

The production efficiency of high-efficiency vacuum packaging machines has grown from a few pieces per minute to tens of pieces, and the production of thermoforming filling-sealing machines can reach thousands per hour.


2. Stand-alone multi-function

Realizing multiple functions on a single machine can easily expand the scope of use. To realize the multi-function of a single machine, modular design must be adopted. Through the transformation and combination of functional modules, it becomes a different type of vacuum packaging machine suitable for different packaging materials, packaging items, and packaging requirements.

vacuum packaging machines 

3. Assembly production line

When more and more functions are required to form a production line, concentrating all the functions on a single machine will make the structure very complicated and inconvenient for operation and maintenance. At this time, several machines with different functions and matching efficiencies can be combined into a more complete production line.


4. Adopt new technology

l In terms of packaging methods, a large number of inflatable packaging is used to replace vacuum packaging, and the research on inflatable components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machines are closely combined.

l In control technology, more computer technology and microelectronics technology are used.

l In terms of sealing, heat pipe and cold sealing technology are applied.

l The advanced device is directly installed on the vacuum packaging machine, such as a computer-controlled high-precision combination weigh for coarse particles.

l In the rotary or vacuum packaging machine, the application of advanced high-speed arc surface cam indexing machinery, etc.


The adoption of all these new technologies makes the vacuum packers more efficient and intelligent.

Vacuum Packaging Machine 

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  Vacuum Packaging Machine 

Faster, better and smarter, technology innovation will be continued on our vacuum packers.


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