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If you work a lot with fresh products, investing in a good tray sealer is a valuable addition to your kitchen.

What Are Tray Sealers

Also referred to as tray lidding machines, heat sealers, or top sealers; tray sealers are machines that apply plastic film lids to trays of varying materials, sizes, and depths. It is because of this versatility that top seal is the optimal packaging solution for a variety of applications, including industrial fasteners, fresh produce, meat, frozen meals, and ready-made meals.

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What Can We Do With A Tray Sealer?

A tray sealer or tray sealing machine is widely used in the professional kitchen for leak-free packaging of fresh products in preformed trays and containers. Such case presentation makes the food well-organized and attractive on shelves. Also, customers can take them home spilt-free, thanks to the strong sealing effect. Delivery meals also arrive at their destination warm and without leaking or spilling. In addition, with a tray sealer you ensure that raw products and prepared dishes stay fresh in the refrigerator.

When it comes to packaging meat and poultry, processors have a lot of suppliers, equipment and technologies to consider. Tray sealing is a popular option for processors looking for shelf life and food safety packaging advantages. Different from thermoformers, tray-sealing machines require pre-formed trays. The product is placed in the tray and then the plastic film is sealed over the tray.

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Speed And Accuracy

The speed of any tray-sealing packaging machine will depend on the tray size and type of seal the processor is trying to achieve. Options range from a basic seal with oxygen still left in the package to a gas flush modified atmosphere package where the oxygen is pushed out of the package. In addition, tray sealers can also create skin packaging where the top film is closely clung with the product surface.

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Time And Space

Will machine speed be of your concern? Of course. Here we have two options. For small and medium capacity, an semi-auto tray sealer which packs 200-500 trays per hour will be a good choice.For large capacity, we have a auto tray sealer which runs around 2000 pks per hour.

In addition to saving time, tray-sealing machines can also offer processors a way to save space. Typically these packaging machines have a much smaller footprint than larger thermoformers or other machine options.

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How To Choose The Right Tray Sealer?

The choice of packaging machinery requires careful consideration of technical specifications, labour requirements, worker safety, maintenance, and flexibility. If you’re struggling to find the right machine,Utien will go through all your packaging request and offer a proper solution accordingly.

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Utien has participated in the draft of 4 national standards of packing machine and achieved over 40 patent technologies. Utien products are produced under ISO9001:2008 certification requirement to build high quality packaging machines and make a better life for everyone. Utien is willing to provide suitable packaging methods for your products, please contact us immediately.


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