How to Produce Good Thermoforming Packaging Machines

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Thermoforming packaging machine is capable to do the whole process from package forming, sealing, cutting to final output. With high automation, it's not only helpful to reduce labor cost, but also popular for its easy operation, great efficiency and high-level hygiene. For different products, it's optional to do rigid film machines with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), flexible film machines with vacuum or sometimes MAP, or VSP (Vacuum Skin Packaging). Now it has been widely applied to food, chemical and medical industries.

Thermoforming Packaging Machines

Six suggestions for producing good thermoforming packaging

1. Quality Design

The first step to producing a good thermoforming packers is to create an excellent design. Your design will determine almost everything for your packaging, including materials, tooling and more. When you sit down with your packaging design team, explain to them what you had in mind for your project, as well as any specifics about your product they should be aware of. They will then suggest various structures that provide high levels of protection that are still aesthetically appealing.


2. Material Selection

Next, your team will select the appropriate plastic material. Many companies commonly use PET and PETG plastics to create their thermoformed parts. Both have their advantages and are suitable for a variety of applications. Packaging companies often utilize PET plastic to create thinner thermoformed products, like water bottles. PETG has added glycol to create a stronger design, which makes it suitable for clamshell or blister packaging. Both plastic materials are FDA friendly and acceptable for food packaging designs.


3. Quality Tooling

Once you and your packaging company determine a design and materials, your team will then need to produce customized tooling to create your package. To make this step of the packaging creation process easier, consider working with an all-inclusive company. A vertically integrated packaging company will be able to produce tooling in-house, which also provides the added benefit of cost savings.

Quality ToolingQuality Tooling

4. Plug Design

To develop your packaging, your team will next need to develop a plug design. If you are using stock packaging, your team may already have a plug design available for you to use. However, for custom packaging designs, they will need to produce a one-of-a-kind plug form.


5. Cleanroom Environment

Some packaging designs, especially those in the medical industry, must be processed in highly sterile environment in which outside contamination cannot enter. The best packaging designs are processed in state-of-the-art, ISO Class 8 clean room environment. These facilities are equipped with the necessary components, including a positive pressure HVAC system with HEPA filtration, customized material handling, and proprietary trimming.


6. Good Material Distribution

Before your company fulfills your entire packaging order, they will produce a prototype of the design to determine if they need to adjust anything, such as material distribution or shape. Thermoforming allows for much greater control for material distribution in comparison to other processes, such as vacuum forming, so drastic changes are less likely to happen in finalizing your project. Still, consult with your team to ensure material is distributed as needed and the gauge meets requirements.

Good Material DistributionGood Material Distribution

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