An Easier Way to Create A Clean Banner: Banner Welding

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When it comes to banners finishing machines, there are hot air welding, hot wedge welding, radio frequency, impulse welding, and automated sewing solutions to choose from. Utien produces the banner welder, which is based on impulse heat sealing technology. The banner which are made of PVC and other plastic sealable materials will be heated on both side and joint together under high pressure. The sealing is straight and smooth.

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Why weld your banners?

Banner welding is the most efficient way to create clean banners. Utien’s banner welding machines are fast, and easy to use, and are created to be versatile in their capabilities.

1. Increased Output - Welding your banners is far faster than sewing or taping a banner

2. Stronger Seams - Extra security when hanging your signs as the weld is stronger than the actual fabric itself

3. Easy To Use - Your staff will be fully trained within one day on all functionalities of your welder

4. Reduced Consumable Costs - Create a near perfect finish that requires no tape, glue, or adhesive

Heat sealing technology

Heat sealing is the process of sealing one thermoplastic to another similar thermoplastic using heat and pressure. The direct contact method of heat sealing utilizes a constantly heated die or sealing bar to apply heat to a specific contact area or path to seal or weld the thermoplastics together.

Optional Parts

· Extension table

4 pieces in 1 set. Intend to hold the banner which ensures that the two end of the welding is smooth and can slide to the next weld.

· New measurement system

A block piece help placing the banner

· Tape roller support with self brake

Suitable for overlap weld with tape on one side.

· Kedar holder

Hold the kedar to ensure the precise weld with no deflection.

· Laser light

Mark on the welding bar to show the position where the banner should be.

· Piston holder

A holding bar with piston pressure which hold the position of the banner in case that it moves before welding.

Optional Parts Utien’s banner welderOptional Parts Utien’s banner welder 1.png 


· Simple operation

For different materials, the machine software can store 9 cycle settings for heating and cooling process, enabling consistent high-quality results.

· Safer operation

Heat only exists during sealing time.

Laser sensor ensures no hands are present in work plate during machine operation.

Double sealing steps maximize the prevention of accidents during machine operation.

· Strong Sealing

Pneumatic sealing bar keeps average pressure on sealing material, which makes the sealing seam smooth and strong. The power is stronger with double sealing bars.

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About Us

Utien has developed a brand new welding system to help weld banners which are made of PVC and other plastic sealable materials. The banner welding machine is based on electrical impulse heating technology which saves power and offers good stable sealing quality. The machine is CE certified and several safety protection systems are built on the machine to protect the operator. If you are looking for a reliable a merchandise of banner welders, please contact us now!


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