Utien Specializes in Customizing High-End Thermoforming Packaging Machines

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Packaging is essential to promote sales and brands of different products. If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, you have to do it through your packaging. Good packaging can make your product stand out among many similar products.

Utien specializes in the production of various thermoforming packaging machines. This machine can automatically form packaging trays, seal, cut and output automatically. 

thermoforming packaging machines

Thermoforming principle

Thermoforming packaging is based on the common thermoplastic sheet forming principle, using sheets of different thicknesses to stretch bottom trays with different appearances according to the mold. Put the product in the required package, and then cover it with a cover film and heat seal it. Finally, different combinations of knives are used to slit the packaging into individual packs.

Function& configuration

Thermoforming packaging machines can be used with various third-party auxiliary equipment, such as manipulators, automatic filling equipment, automatic weighing, printers, labeling machines and UV sterilizers, metal detection equipment, etc. Automated packaging requires only a few people to observe and maintain, which can save a lot of human resources. In addition, the equipment also has an alarm and self-check function, which can prompt the faulty part to complete maintenance and adjustment in time.

modified atmosphere packaging

Safety of the machine

The safety of the entire machine is important. Important workstations are equipped with a stainless steel protective shield to prevent access to internal components. This safety shield uses an alarm sensor to prevent safety accidents caused by opening the machine during operation. Good packaging guarantees the safety of the product and gives a longer shelf life to the packaged product. Usually, we use modified atmosphere packaging for hard film packaging. Food safety is ensured by adjusting the gas ratio to inhibit the propagation of microorganisms in the package.

Quality and durability

High-quality packaging equipment can produce high-quality packaging. High-quality packaging can attract consumers' attention. If the packaging is customized properly then it can maximize sales. In addition, stability, efficiency and durability can create high value for customers.

thermoforming packaging machines

About Utien

As the leading manufacturer of thermoforming packing machines, Utien provides a wide range of high-quality fully automatic thermoformer with standard features to meet customers' individual requirements. Suitable for vacuum packing, skin packing, and MAP technology, we offer customized options to meet the different outputs for the company. If you are in need of thermoforming packaging machines, kindly contact us immediately!


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