Vacuum Packaging vs. Shrink Wrapping

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Shrink packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine are a kind of packaging machines. Both of these are commonly used. Many people will confuse them. In fact, they have some similarities, meanwhile they also have some differences between each others.


Similarities between vacuum packaging and shrink wraps

Transparency: Shrink bags and vacuum pouches both use clear bags or plastic polymer film, allowing the consumer to see the product inside the packaging.

Heat sealing: Both types of packaging are heat sealed to enclose the product within the packaging. This means that the open ends of the packages are sealed after the product is inserted.

Conformed finish: In both kinds of packaging, the exterior film conforms to the shape of the product.


Following are some differences between them.

vacuum packaging machine 


Thickness of wrapping material

Shrink wrapping and vacuum packaging both involve the use of plastic polymer film. This film can be found in both a roll and as bags and is usually transparent, although non-transparent film is used in some circumstances. The difference between the film is that the film used for vacuum packing is around four times thicker than the film used for shrink wrapping. This is a significant difference and the film that is used is not interchangeable.


Different heat process

Heat is used for packaging items using either vacuum packaging or shrink wrapping, but the similarity ends there. The machinery and processes that are used are completely different. Machinery that has been designed for vacuum packing food items cannot be used to shrink wrap clothing. This means that companies have to decide on which type of wrapping they wish to use and invest in the appropriate type of machinery. If both types of wrapping were to be used, the investment in machinery would be significantly increased.


The way oxygen is dealt with

It often seems as though the oxygen is completely removed whether items are shrink wrapped or vacuum packed.However, all is not what it seems. Oxygen is dealt with very differently during the vacuum packaging process than it is during the shrink wrapping process.

vacuum packaging machine 


Different applications

heat shrink packaging: glass bottles, paper boxes, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, books, records, hardware tools, daily necessities, medicines, cosmetics, beverages, fruits, souvenir labels and other items packaging.

Vacuum packaging: generally it is food packaging, especially some products with extended shelf life, the packaging effect is very good.


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