What To Consider Before Buying A Packaging Machine

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In most businesses, the choice of packaging machine has a huge impact on the growth and success of a product. For instance, the right type of packaging machine can yield consistent outputs which can translate to greater revenue for business owners.

Indeed, it is highly important to invest in the right packaging machine. If you’re a startup who has no idea on how to find the right equipment for your business, here’s a guide that shares the important information you need to know about securing the right packaging machine.

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Be specific in your requirements

Be as specific as possible when sharing your requirements so that suppliers can develop options for your project. They should be a reviewing your RFQ with a fine-tooth comb and indicating clearly where they can meet it and where it may be necessary to adjust. You are embarking on what should be a long lasting a relationship therefore accuracy and completeness are imperative. With this information the supplier will start to consider various options that could potentially meet your needs. Some obvious questions that need to be answered upfront.

1. What is your run speed requirement? How many packages per minute? Do you expect the need for increased output in the future?

2. What type of environment will the equipment operate within? (ex. refrigerated manufacturing, clean room, ambient space.)

3. Define your package requirement – ex. MAP and if so, what is the required residual? Have you selected materials & material suppliers?

4. Sanitation requirements? (ex. identify IP rating for wash-down, sloped panels, standoffs, 3A, UL, CSA, etc.)

5. Do your products require special trays, films, inserts? Supply .DWG & .DXF, .STP, photos & samples if they already exist.

6. Compare long term operating cost vs. initial purchase price. Lower initial cost does not translate into lowered total cost of ownership. 

7. What languages are required on HMI’s?

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Price should not be your only determining factor

We all want a better deal, but you do get what you pay for. Machinery pricing accounts for more than components and the labor to assemble them! There is engineering time, technical writing, testing time, intellectual property, and overhead cost like any other business. Compromising on any of the above will result in poor after-sales support, whether by lack of proper documentation, wrong information for spare parts, patent infringement, or simply sub-standard equipment performance.

While some low-priced machinery is of good quality, most problems come from a lack of technical support. Will you have access to a certified technician for this machinery? Can you find components such as sensors, pneumatics, motors, controls locally? Can you order size tailored parts or change parts with assurance that they will work on your machine? What is the manufacturer’s track record when it comes to meeting safety and electrical standards?

Your relationship with the vendor should also be an essential factor to consider when buying packaging machinery. How easy is it to visit the factory where the machine is made? Who will provide training to your employees? Will the supplier be able to upgrade your machine in the long run? Think more about above mentioned questions before you make the decision.

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Packaging machinery from Utien

At Utien, we have a large range of cost-effective packaging machines to help increase productivity and packing quality for your business. Our current core products includes thermoforming packaging machines, tray sealers, vacuum packaging machines, compress packaging machine, covering different industries such as food, chemistry, electronic, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. If you are unsure on which packaging machine to choose, contact us today to speak to one of our packaging experts who will love to help you.


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