Working Principles and Advantages of Thermoforming MAP Packaging Machine

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With the growing demand for fresh and healthy food options amongst consumers, suppliers are in need of a way to meet this demand. Traditionally, preservatives and other chemicals have been added to foods to increase the shelf life of products. However, customers have become more conscious of these chemicals and the possible effects on their bodies. This is where modified atmosphere packaging machine comes into play.

This machine creates a modified atmospheric condition in the packaging of the product by altering the natural makeup of the gases that are contained in the packaging.

When the makeup of gases in the packaging is modified this way, the product contained in the packaging is preserved from spoilage, hence the shelf life of the product is increased significantly.

But wait... How does a Thermoforming MAP packaging machine works? And does it really has any advantage?

In this article, we will explore the working principles of Thermoforming MAP packaging machine as well as the advantages it offers.


 Thermoforming MAP packaging machine

How does a Thermoforming MAP packaging machine works?

The function performed by a particular Thermoforming MAP packaging machine actually depends on your product and specifications.

Different Thermoforming MAP packaging Machines work in different ways, yet achieving the same goal of creating a modified atmosphere for the packaged product.

Some of the most common working technologies of Thermoforming MAP packaging Machines are:


1. Gas flushing

This is one of the most common ways in which Thermoforming MAP packaging machine works. In this process, the Machine uses an inactive gas such as Nitrogen to flush out ambient oxygen.

The aim of this process is to reduce the amount of oxygen present inside the package, thereby eliminating any aerobic bacteria that can cause spoilage.

The absence of oxygen in the packaging thus creates an environment that is unhabitable for microbes. This helps to increase the shelf life of the product.

Thermoforming MAP packaging machine

2. Creation of nonpermeable barrier

Some Thermoforming MAP packaging machine work by providing a barrier film on the packaging material. This barrier packaging film prevents oxygen and moisture from entering into the packaged Product.

This machine thus works by decreasing the permeability of the packaging material to moisture and oxygen, thereby reducing the chance of spoilage of the packaged Product.


3. Dessication and scavenging

Certain Thermoforming MAP packaging Machines function by  adding dessicant and oxygen scavenger into the packaging of the product.

A mixture of iron powder and ascorbic acid can be added to the packaging by the Machine. These ingredients act as scavengers and dessicants that get rid of ambient oxygen in the packaging.


4. Using one way valves

Some Thermoforming MAP packaging machine use a one-way valve to remove certain active gases from the packaging without allowing atmospheric gases to enter into the packaging.

In this way, most of the active gases that can react with the packaged food or beverage are passed out unidirectionally. The product is thus preserved in an inert internal atmosphere.


Advantages of Using Thermoforming MAP packaging machine

Some of the advantages of using Thermoforming MAP packaging machine for packaging Products that need to be preserved are:

· It increases the shelf life of the product

· It maintains the quality of the product

· It assures the integrity of the product to final consumers

· It reduces the cost of the product

· It ensures that the product remains fresh

· It gets rid of wastes in the product.


Thermoforming MAP Packaging Machines

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